Helping Yourself To Overcome Tragedy

Helping Yourself To Overcome Tragedy

  • When Grandpa Drinks More Than You Do: Senior Citizens And Alcoholism

    Alcoholism is on the rise with a 17% increase since 2005. While many may think of heavy drinking as an issue that affects the young, the percentage includes a large number of senior citizens. Alcoholism among the elderly often goes unchecked and can increase risk of death or injury among the aged population. Life Changes Bring Stressors For many seniors, life as they knew it is changing. They may find themselves downsizing from the home they have lived in for years.

  • Signs Your Child Is Being Bullied And How You (The Parent) Can Help

    Bullying is anything that is considered aggressive behavior that occurs over time and repeatedly. Bullying can be done by making threats, causing injury both verbally or physically, spreading vicious rumors, or intentionally excluding your child from activities or from a group. Your child may be experiencing one of these things at school, and you may not see the signs that she is being bullied. See below for signs to look for in your child and what you can do to help.

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Helping Yourself To Overcome Tragedy

After two of my family members passed away in a freak accident, I didn't know how I was going to go on. The grief seemed to stick with me day after day, and friends started to notice that I didn't care as much about my normal hobbies. However, my aunt suggested that I take a class on self-help, and so I started attending seminars. You wouldn't believe how much of a difference it made. Within a few days, I started to cope a little better with my surroundings. It was like someone switched on a light. This blog is all about how to help yourself overcome tragedy.